Monday, March 23, 2009

My Extreme List of Hobbies

Assalamualaikum n hi to all,

I'm Balkhis n this blog i created juz to keep me organized for i have sooo n i mean sooo much of hobbies. Plus d urge from a dear fren who constantly ask me to create a blog for every little stitches i did or every crystal jewel i made n even every little cuppies i deco.

Yes, those are few among other interests i love to do. I have a lot of passions in me and i love to share as well...mostly with my dear family n frenz who always admire my work no matter how imperfect it turned out to be :-)

These are my first attempt on cake deco. I was amazed by the art work of Rani (my sifoo) in cake deco. So many skill to learn at so little time...i was exhausted by the end of one whole day class. So d output was not so great...but at least i've gave it a try n i'm planning to do more n more til i master this bc (buttercream) deco on cuppies. So help me ..Allah!

Me with tired looking face.......

My first cupcake deco....... :-)

And here's my first wrist pouch...

This one i learnt from a very good fren of mine... Kak Diah. Very friendly, warm n nice person. Very creative as well...admire all her art work n wish to have same skill as hers...still a long way to go though.

Til then,