Monday, April 27, 2009

My New Toy :-)

Yes...big girl does want a toy for herself too...hehehe especially me. I've so much passion in every single item that would simplify our daily life's routine. Last week Puspanita Negeri Kedah held an opening ceremony of it's official house. Every Puspanita Daerah had to come out with any district product for display or sell. So my boss ask me to bake cupcakes for sale on that day. It was a challenge for me as i just learn to deco cupcakes. I was so tired preparing for the big event n that's the reason i was away from pc n this blog in particular. It's a pity i didn't snap any pic of the occasion. However......... jeng jeng jeng...i have these pics :-)

that's what i bought for new pasta maker... it does wonders...i can make mee kuning (a very healthy asid preservatives ..juz plain water, egg n wheat flour) juz 15 mins!!

in boiling water...for few mins

this is what i get with 1 kg of wheat flour... 2 kg of mee kuning

i can make laksa... (yet to try this... today i hope, n i'll snap a pic later)

i can make tart nenas as well ... (got to try it this week end..more pics, don't worry) ....**to be cont**

Monday, April 13, 2009

Quilt for Najmi

I have a son...a very cute one... alhamdulillah..well as they say, seeing is believing, so here goes some pics of Muhammad Ismail Najmi..phew.. i'm always wondering how he'd write his name on d day he wud one day sit for an exam...i hope by then our kids are taking exam using computer...hmmmm his mom is sooooo into learning Quilting n Patching ..he is the closest recipient to get a super duper cute quilt specially made with love... much for "masuk bakul angkat sendiri"... here's some sneak peak on what i'm currently working on...

*to be cont... as i actually don't have the pic snap yet :D